The Band Viva ITALIA

was established at the end of the last year and their members are professional musicians. We were very impressed by Italien pop of 80´s so we decided to establish a tribute band to revival Italien pop music of 80´s. We perform the best songs from Ricchie e Poveri, Umberto Tozzi, Toto Cutugno, Romina Power, Al Bano a so on. It´s rhytmic music with nice melody and you can feel the atmosphere of 80 ´s. So come to see and sing the songs as Felicita, Ti Amo, Mamma Maria, Sara Perche Ti Amo, Gloria, Picollo Amore and so on ...

We concert at any kind of performens in two versions. The first one is a trio, creating by keyboard player, girl singer and the guitarist. The second one is added by bass guitarist and drummer. You can decide which one is better for your kind of show.