Italien pop of the 80´s

Give your PERFORMANCE all, what it needs

Reserve the band Viva ITALIA, who performes famous Italien pop hits of the 80´s performed by outstanding musicians and bands as Ricchie e Poveri, Umberto Tozzi, Toto Cutugno, Romina Power, Al Bano and more.

You can watch some brand new videos and pictures from our perfect show 16.7.2016 at Turecká ( SK )

Wonderful band Viva ITALIA

will produce beautiful show full of music, dance with audience involved to the show. Come with us make a trip back to the 80 ´s and remember special atmosphere of songs on the music festival in San Remo.

not binding DEMAND of the band

you can call this number right now

+420 732 855 169 - Ing. Radek Kňura